I was given an opportunity to work with Mountain Equipment Co-op for six months on a freelance contract. It was really great to get in and see what the inner workings of a small in-office agency was like. I was tasked with creating work that matched up with their recent rebrand to MEC – that included but was not limited to emails, website images, social media images along with store and event signage. I also was given responsibility for comprehensive campaign projects like MEC Homewaters and Protect Our Winters.

MEC Homewaters

This was an exciting project and event to be a part of. MEC partnered with two Etsy designers to create unique water themed t-shirts whose proceeds went towards protecting freshwater initiatives in Canada. I designed the partnership logo along with all the corresponding web and store signage.

Wall Image

Homewaters T-Wall

POS Signage


Endcap Display Banners


Entrance Display Banners